Alan Bean CD2 (PURE118CDS2)

2 CD's Released on 27th August 2001 on Too Pure

Alan Bean, Just Take Care, Charlie Girl

Seven inch (PURE118S) has two remixes by Rothko and Munit

Alan Bean 

Ever felt like giving up?
I've felt like giving up.
But not since 1969.
I found a greater truth,
At a godly altitude,
Won't waste another day of my life.
As we tumbled down to earth,
We felt the capsule turn,
We saw the blue skies burn.
As we splashed down in the sea,
You were praying on your knees,
It bought a change in me.
Everyone will forget soon,
The fourth man on the moon,
But I've got it in my mind.
I'd like to paint your eyes,
But I've got to paint the sky.
Going to be a painter all my life.
As we tumbled down to earth,
We felt the capsule turn,
We saw the blue skies burn.
As we splashed down in the sea,
You were praying on your knees,
It bought a change in me.
And what you didn't see,
I'll let you see through me.
I'm going to paint the moon for you.
Ever felt like giving up?
'We've felt like giving up'
Ever felt like giving up?
'All the time.'

Just Take Care 

Julie, come see me,
I'll be like the one you want to see, please,
Could you do the same for me?
Don't cut your hair.
Don't wear crap shoes.
Drive with care.
I want you to stay like this.
I want the weather to stay like this.
I want this kiss to stay like this but it won't , thing's change.
Just take care, everything's alright we will be happy,
from now on.
Just take care, everything's OK and always will be from now on.
Julie, come see me,
I'd walk 6,000 miles to you but these aren't really walking shoes,
And my feet aren't what they used to be.
I want life to stay like this when your brown eyes shine brightest,
So I want your eyes to stay like this,
But they won't they'll grow old.
My hair's a little greyer and I stoop a little lower and my appetite for sex is slowly sinking.
I want to be so pretty for you when I'm reaching 62,
But we are growing old and that's not fair.

Charlie Girl 

Everybody wants my girlfriend,
Every girl wants to be her.
Every boys head turns to look at her hips curve,
But her sweet hips swing just for me.
With her clip clop heels and those thin ankle straps,
Those dirty boys feel she should walk on their backs,
Cause everybody wants my girlfriend,
The only boy she wants is me.
Well the girls they come in all different sizes,
And my size girl knows when the morning arises,
She'll think I'm pretty and there's nothing she's hiding to help me along with my day.
Well my heart is full of all different feelings,
They're all about her and they all have one meaning, when she's home from work I'll have her climbing the ceiling.
And singing from dusk till dawn.
The boys try to guess the taste on her teeth,
The taste on her lips and the taste underneath.
The truth is revealing, but I'm not revealing,
The truth is ten times more sweet.



Other Information

The best story to come out of the Alan Bean single was the fact that me and Jack got to speak to the man himself. We were in Amsterdam doing a radio show for VPRO when Jap the host surprised us by having Alan Bean on the phone line from America. It's funny I've met a few people now who I've previously been a fan of. But this situation felt different like I really had to ask him something important or got something meaningful from the meeting.

This was after all one of only a handful of people on this planet that have walked on another one. I ended up asking him what he felt like as he re-entered the earths atmosphere, which is the songs point of view.

Ever the professional he said he was far too busy watching all his dials and instruments to worry about his wife or anything emotional like the character in my song. It was good to find out I was wrong from the man himself. I was so excited, we had to do the song afterwards live to an audience on on Dutch national radio and it was a pretty heartfelt performance. It features on the Hefner live album Kick, Snare, Hats Ride.

'Just take care', like a lot of the songs from this period features a partial line up of the band, me, John, Kerry from Whistler, my friend Joel and Ant on a few backing vocals. A lot of time was wasted on this song trying to bring it up to scratch, but it was a wasted effort really the song was poo from the start.

Charlie Girl is a little better and retains some of the wit from earlier Hefner songs. It has the weirdest out of time drum loop that was sampled from someone so incredibly famous I couldn't possibly mention here. I remember my friend Joel getting so mad with me that I wouldn't fix it. Me and Jack had a lot of fun pretending to be in some 70's band like Free or something on this.

Photos on this page are all from the We Love the City tour and were taken by Rainford Bowley.