Darren Hayman and the Secondary Modern

Darren Hayman presents his second solo album and a new backing band. 'Darren Hayman and the Secondary Modern' was recorded between Summer and Winter 2006 and features his touring band from that period; Amos Memon (Fanfarlo, Tompaulin) on drums, Dave Watkins on banjo and Simon Trought (Tompaulin) on bass, percussion, mandolin, backing vocals and recording engineer.

The record also features a whole host of special guests including Dave Sheppard (Ellis Island Sheppard), Galia Durant (Psapp), John Howard (Reclusive 70's songwriting genius), Wesley Gonzalez (Lets Wrestle), David Tattersall (The Wave Pictures), Mark Brend (Farina) Terry Edwards (Scapegoats, Tindersticks, Higsons), Pete Astor (Loft, Weather Prophets).

The idea for this album was to make some lively rock and roll. A of Darren's recent releases have been quite intensive affairs recorded by Darren at home, for this record Darren decided to go to a recording studio and piece together an album quickly with little preperation. Some of the songs (Let's Go Stealing, The Wrong Thing) were improvised quickly by Darren with Amos playing along on drums and the rest of the song being written afterwards.

On Apologise and Pupil Most Likely, Darren assembled a group of musicians who had not previously met or heard the songs and recorded them in 8 short hours.

None of this is to suggest that this album is slapdash. The lyrics as usual are precise, emotive, direct, heartbreaking and amusing all at the same time. The theme of suburban ennui and aspiration from his last two albums continue this time with a particular focus on schools and education inspired by Darren's recent short career as an Art Teacher.

Other songs focus on the perils of cheap engagement rings, the need for clearer language in love letters and the Higgins versus Reardon snooker final of 1982.

The record will be released worldwide via Track and Field and Vital distribution (cat no: HEAT 50) and will also be available to download via I-tunes and Resonance. Most importantly the album is available now to order direct from the hefnet shop.

Also recorded during these sessions was the single; Bad Policewoman

Video for 'The Crocodile'. Directed by Will Parker www.youtube.com/worldofparker

Video for 'The Wrong Thing'

Click here to download a MOV file of the video.

Click Here for sound clips of all the songs from Darren Hayman and the Secondary Modern. Also a special podcast with Darren talking about the making of the album. The podcast is 17 meg.

1. Art and Design
2. Rochelle
3. Elizabeth Duke
4. Straight Faced Tracy
5. The Pupil Most Likely
6. Let's Go Stealing
7. Higgins Vs Reardon
8. The Crocodile
9. She's Not For Me
10. The Wrong Thing
11. Apologise
12. Nothing in the Letter

Secondary Modern Podcast with Darren Hayman